Reflection on Emotion, Music, Memory

In the clips of the movie, Equilibrium, I thought it was interesting that in order to create a “utopian” society, the leaders in the world wanted to dispose of emotion in particular. The discarding of emotion was definitely a good choice for the movie’s plot, but realistically I do not think many people would actually want to rid the world of emotion for a “better” society. I understand that emotion was suppressed in order to stop war and conflict, but there are also so many benefits to emotion that make society better. It is true that there are definitely some bad emotions, however, affection, happiness, excitement, love are beneficial emotions. Without emotion, how are people supposed to truly care for each other? In Equilibrium, since there was no emotion, that meant Christian Bale’s character had no feelings for his wife or his children until he would stop taking his injections. And, more importantly, how did he even come to have a spouse and children if he supposedly had no emotion? It is obvious that the lack of emotion in the society turned the hopeful utopia into a dystopia in this movie. Emotion is an important part of us as humans and as a society and that it should not be thrown away.

I learned a lot about music through reading the ABC article. I’m not really much of a music person; I’m not an amazing singer or musician (but I did take piano in elementary school), or someone who knows all about every band and every genre. I thought it was interesting how Charles Darwin acknowledged music in a way that related to the effect of birdsong and peacock feathers. I agree that music can probably set the mood for “sexual selection” but music is not going to make someone choose one person over another. In the Thrills and Chills section of the article, I was surprised that getting these chills from music was such a big phenomenon. I don’t think I have ever obtained these “chills” just from listening to music. The article said it is more common in women who are imaginative and curious. However, I think I am imaginative and curious, but this occurrence has never happened to me. The Does Music Make You Smarter section reminded me of The Incredibles movie where the babysitter is trying to have Jack Jack listen to Mozart to make him smart and calm him down, but it actually causes him to turn into a fire person. The Music and Animals section also interested me because it reminded me of my pet cat. When my cat is inside the house and my dad starts playing Bob Dylan, the cat immediately starts getting irritated and claws at the screen door yearning to be let out. Another aspect I found interesting was that listening to music before a test helped cognitive abilities. I never listen to music before or during the time I study or take a test because I always get distracted and get an “earworm.”

For me, I feel that music does not ignite a certain memory that is an event. Certain songs usually remind me of specific people or time periods associated with those people. I also feel like I need some sort of action or visual representation of the song for me to remember it vividly as if it is something important. For example, I will explicitly remember a song from a movie or a song that I danced to wildly. Memory, music, and emotion are all interconnected because music brings about memories that are full of emotion. In my life, music brings about memories that are usually associated with happiness. My personal relationship between music and memory is shown through the playlist of my life.


5 x 5 Final Exam Vlog

Here is my final exam Vlog. I was trying to make it a little bit interesting by holding up pieces of paper as signs to hold up, but when I originally made them, they showed up backwards in the video. So then I had to redo everything and write down each section backwards on the papers.

#Ayuh#Aloha Remash

This is my remashed visual poem and words poems combined. My 3×3 visual poem is in the background and my actual poem to go along with the pictures is aligned on the left. The words aligned on the right are the poem stanzas from the person that interpreted my poem.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.16.25 PM

Color/Synesthesia Project

For my color/synesthesia project, I explored how texture and color aids our memory. I explored this by making 5 miniature art projects that are representative of 5 memories that I have.

photo 2 My first square is representative of one of my first memories when I was 3 years old. The orange squares and the blue sponge in the middle represent a pool with orange tiles around it. This is important because it was one of my earliest memories. This memory was of when I went to my best friend’s house and his older sister gave me all of her old Barbies and then we jumped into his pool together.

photo 3 This second square is representative of when I go to visit my family that lives in the jungle of Costa Rica. This is significant because my family and I go there to visit every few years and I have had many fond memories with some of the extended family there. It is also one of my favorite places to go because the rainforest is right next to the beach and there are so many exotic animals and bat caves everywhere. I represented this in a textured square by gluing dirt on the base and painting small rocks black and newspaper green to be leaf cutter ants that are all around my aunt’s property.

photo 4 This picture represents my first sailing regatta when I was 8 years old in 35 knots of wind and I was getting last every race, capsizing and getting blown backwards. I used color and texture in this square because I painted the bottom blue to represent water, and made large waves out of a blue sponge. Then I used a curved piece of plastic and painted it white to show the boat I was sailing in, and how the boat is smooth, not bumpy. The yellow piece of fabric represents my lifejacket.

photo 5 This square represents when I got my braces off this past January. This was an important memory for me because I had my braces on for about 2 and a half years and a lot of other people had already had theirs off for a while. I made these fake teeth with plastic and I glued on a dark gray string with colored dots on every tooth.

photo This last picture represents a salad. I made this salad by painting strips of newspaper green, cut pieces of plastic to create a tomato, and dried glue to make the dressing. This salad is representative of when I got in a fight with a kid at sailing and he threw his salad all over my face, so this was a big event for me. It was also a sensory experience because I could feel and smell all of the dressing all over me.

photo 1


Touch and Sound Articles


1. Kissing Device– There is a new messaging device, called the Kissenger, that allows a person to kiss a plastic egg shaped ball with lips to wirelessly send a kiss to someone. The article says it adds intimacy to a relationship, but my question is, how can kissing a plastic ball with lips that resembles Mr. Potatohead intimate?

2. Sleeping Beauties– Women dressed up as sleeping beauties are kissed by men, and if the women opens her eyes after the kiss, the man and woman are contractually obligated to get married. How can once kiss decide whether two people are actually meant to be together forever?

3. Science Dating– The article says that a person is more likely to want to do something from a subtle touch. In what cases does something like this not work?

4. Touch Illusions– There are many examples of touch illusions, or different senses of feeling based on the way you touch something. Why do these touch illusions occur in a variety of circumstances and are we aware of them?

5. Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box– Scientists are doing a lot of research on the functions of skin and touch and have conducted experiments on mice and their genes to discover more functions. How are the hairs on our skin connected to the nerves that bring us touch?

6. Body Language of Touch– Among different social situations and cultures, the body language of touch (such as a warm, relaxed hug) helps people understand that they are liked and welcomed. In what other cultures is this not true?


1. Largest Natural Sound Archive– the natural sound archive has now been digitized with 150,000 audio recordings of mostly animals including birds and frogs. How was it possible for people to go out and encounter all types of animals and natural sounds in the world?

2. Cocktail Party Effect– The Cocktail Party Effect is how someone is able to tune in to one voice in a loud, crowded situation with other voices. Is there a point when a setting gets too chaotic where a person could never hear a type of voice in a situation like this?

3. Sound Affecting Creativity– A study was done to see how different noise volumes affected people’s creativity. What if people can still be creative with low/no noise?

4. Make the City Sound Better– A “Sound Taxi” can generate bustling city noises into original music in real time. This is a cool idea, but how is this effective or productive to society?

5. Sound of Taste– The sound (such as a crunch) of the food we eat makes us enjoy or dislike a meal more based on some psychological studies. How important is this information for food inventors/modifiers?

6. Opsound– Opsound is a software that allows a person to listen to not just music, but also noises, monologues, unfinished experiments, and upload their own creations. Can Opsound create a whole new genre of music?