I Believe…in Laughter


I wrote everything with notecards and different colored Sharpies and filmed with my phone. I used a big candle and a stack of CDs to put my phone on so the camera could see what I was writing. The phone kept falling and would not balance so I had to tape the phone down and just click the button to film. I actually didn’t really plan anything out, but I went along with the things I was writing. I took three longer videos and then sped them up and put them all together into my final video.


This I Believe Article

My Father Told Me I Was Fat

The “This I Believe” essay I read was about a girl whose father’s mean words haunted her for many years. When she was eight years old, a woman named Cherie was bullied by her father because he called her fat, lazy, and stupid. She would hide away in her room writing poems and stories to help her fall asleep and forget about what her father said to her. Then each day she would remember what her dad said to her and she would throw away all of the stories and poems she had written the night before. Cherie continued to feel this way into her teens and adulthood. She convinced herself that she was only what her dad saw, which was a stupid, lazy girl. Whenever she would think she had done something good, that thought would be overcome by the memories of what her dad thought of her. When Cherie was 31, she learned that her father had committed suicide. This event helped her learn that her father’s words did not have to define her. She still continued to write her poems and stories, but finally decided that they were actually good and that she was a good writer so she never threw them away. This made her believe that her “father’s lies had vanished, and that fat, lazy, stupid girl has an intelligence, spirit, and beauty all her own.”