Belief & Doubt

The Uncertainty of Knowledge Article: “The creative mind fashions the world we live in”

It was interesting how the article talked about how the uncertainty of knowledge keeps people constantly surprised and entertained. I agree with that because it keeps people on their toes and eager to discover new things. The quote from the article means that the creative people inventing new technology for society shape the way we live. For example, the man that created the hashtag changed the world because now people use hashtags all the time. Not only on their devices, but even when they talk, and now everyone knows exactly what the hashtag is.

Climate Change/ Smoking PSA

I thought it was much more effective to have climate change compared to smoking in the PSA than to have it only be about climate change. It helped the viewers become more engaged with the video because we had to think about it more. The combination of climate change and smoking showed that history was kind of repeating itself with these controversial issues. The big part about smoking in the video also helped me understand the politics of climate change issues better.


This article is about how experts can be paid off to say that certain foods are good for you even though they are not.


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