This works because the feet are off of where the legs begin, so it looks like there are more legs than there actually are.


I made my photollusion picture by taking a picture of myself with my mom standing in the background. I tried to make it look like she was standing on my shoulder but it’s not very good.


Sense Perception Presentation

This is my sense perception presentation about synesthesia:

Knowledge Questions:

1. How did people discover what synesthesia originally was?

2. How do people with synesthesia associate certain specific senses together? (ex: why does a synesthetic associate a classroom with bacon?)

Designing for the 5 Senses


This is a design for the green tables area at school that Ariel and I made. To enhance the sense of taste, put a conveyor belt around the tables to serve plates of food. On the wooden pole that holds the umbrella, there is a thing inside that will squirt out scents so everything will smell nice when you eat. Touch is improved by putting cushions on the seats and having no holes on the table. Sound is improved with a place to plug in your phone to play music with speakers in the umbrella. Sight is affected by having a tarp attached to the umbrella that can come down and close off your table from all of the other tables.


Yesterday, I loaded boats onto a trailer for a sailing regatta I have on Saturday and chose to use that for my 5 senses graph. Sight was at 5 because there were a lot of straps and equipment I had to choose from and load into the truck. There were many things I had to see and pay attention to, but they did not seem very spectacular to me. Sound was at a 2 because the only noise was some clanking of the mast and boom for the boats and the sound of car engines. Smell was at a 6 because I could smell the water and the really gross musty and dirty smell from the equipment room which I really did not like. Touch was an 8 because I had to lift boat and grab equipment and trailers and those were all really dirty so I could feel the grime on my hands. Taste was zero because I did not eat anything and the smells were not powerful enough for me to taste it in my mouth.