photo copy 10

The link at the top refers to the original infographic I found. It was about how much people use their smartphones and what they do on them. The original infographic was of a street with different people and blurbs of different smartphone activities. I changed it so that the main picture was a smartphone with all of the apps being the different blurbs. I made it my own by drawing it out and coloring the apps and the words.

This is my own infographic that I made about social media. I made it using infogram. Infogram worked well enough, however it was very limited. I was only able to put limited amounts of text and pictures that were not very interactive or designed as nicely as I would have liked.


Richard Seymour: How Beauty Feels

Elaborate on the quote from Anais Nin: “We see things not as they are but as we are”

This quote is saying that we see things through our own eyes, not other people’s. A lot of times, other people try to influence what we think is beautiful, but it is ultimately up to us to decide what is beautiful. Something might be red, but it is about what the color/aspect means to us personally. We perceive things in our own ways that are completely different from what other people might think. The quote accurately depicts this aspect to us humans, explaining how we think when we look at something.