Sense of Scent Creative Task: Fragrant Flashback

1. Grass- The smell of a grass stain on my clothes reminds me of when I was little and would run around in my backyard a lot. When I would fall down, sometimes I would get the green grass stains on my clothes and I can remember that smell all over me.

2. Gingerbread- The scent of freshly made gingerbread cookies reminds me of my mom and I baking during Christmas time and then giving those cookies to neighbors and family. My mom and I would do this every Christmas when I was younger.

3. Airplane- The smell of the airplane brings memories of whenever I travel because I always dread going on the airplane. The air on the airplane is so dry and unpleasant and is recirculated for the whole flight. By the time the flight is over, I cannot handle the gross smell of the airplane anymore.

4. Sweat- The smell of sweat all over me reminds me of volleyball practice and when I would come home with my clothes and shoes and kneepads extremely stinky.

5. Motorboat Gas- This reminds me of when I’m sailing and the wind is really light. During this time, I can smell the motorboat gas from the coach boats around me.


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