Touch and Sound Articles


1. Kissing Device– There is a new messaging device, called the Kissenger, that allows a person to kiss a plastic egg shaped ball with lips to wirelessly send a kiss to someone. The article says it adds intimacy to a relationship, but my question is, how can kissing a plastic ball with lips that resembles Mr. Potatohead intimate?

2. Sleeping Beauties– Women dressed up as sleeping beauties are kissed by men, and if the women opens her eyes after the kiss, the man and woman are contractually obligated to get married. How can once kiss decide whether two people are actually meant to be together forever?

3. Science Dating– The article says that a person is more likely to want to do something from a subtle touch. In what cases does something like this not work?

4. Touch Illusions– There are many examples of touch illusions, or different senses of feeling based on the way you touch something. Why do these touch illusions occur in a variety of circumstances and are we aware of them?

5. Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box– Scientists are doing a lot of research on the functions of skin and touch and have conducted experiments on mice and their genes to discover more functions. How are the hairs on our skin connected to the nerves that bring us touch?

6. Body Language of Touch– Among different social situations and cultures, the body language of touch (such as a warm, relaxed hug) helps people understand that they are liked and welcomed. In what other cultures is this not true?


1. Largest Natural Sound Archive– the natural sound archive has now been digitized with 150,000 audio recordings of mostly animals including birds and frogs. How was it possible for people to go out and encounter all types of animals and natural sounds in the world?

2. Cocktail Party Effect– The Cocktail Party Effect is how someone is able to tune in to one voice in a loud, crowded situation with other voices. Is there a point when a setting gets too chaotic where a person could never hear a type of voice in a situation like this?

3. Sound Affecting Creativity– A study was done to see how different noise volumes affected people’s creativity. What if people can still be creative with low/no noise?

4. Make the City Sound Better– A “Sound Taxi” can generate bustling city noises into original music in real time. This is a cool idea, but how is this effective or productive to society?

5. Sound of Taste– The sound (such as a crunch) of the food we eat makes us enjoy or dislike a meal more based on some psychological studies. How important is this information for food inventors/modifiers?

6. Opsound– Opsound is a software that allows a person to listen to not just music, but also noises, monologues, unfinished experiments, and upload their own creations. Can Opsound create a whole new genre of music?


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