Color/Synesthesia Project

For my color/synesthesia project, I explored how texture and color aids our memory. I explored this by making 5 miniature art projects that are representative of 5 memories that I have.

photo 2 My first square is representative of one of my first memories when I was 3 years old. The orange squares and the blue sponge in the middle represent a pool with orange tiles around it. This is important because it was one of my earliest memories. This memory was of when I went to my best friend’s house and his older sister gave me all of her old Barbies and then we jumped into his pool together.

photo 3 This second square is representative of when I go to visit my family that lives in the jungle of Costa Rica. This is significant because my family and I go there to visit every few years and I have had many fond memories with some of the extended family there. It is also one of my favorite places to go because the rainforest is right next to the beach and there are so many exotic animals and bat caves everywhere. I represented this in a textured square by gluing dirt on the base and painting small rocks black and newspaper green to be leaf cutter ants that are all around my aunt’s property.

photo 4 This picture represents my first sailing regatta when I was 8 years old in 35 knots of wind and I was getting last every race, capsizing and getting blown backwards. I used color and texture in this square because I painted the bottom blue to represent water, and made large waves out of a blue sponge. Then I used a curved piece of plastic and painted it white to show the boat I was sailing in, and how the boat is smooth, not bumpy. The yellow piece of fabric represents my lifejacket.

photo 5 This square represents when I got my braces off this past January. This was an important memory for me because I had my braces on for about 2 and a half years and a lot of other people had already had theirs off for a while. I made these fake teeth with plastic and I glued on a dark gray string with colored dots on every tooth.

photo This last picture represents a salad. I made this salad by painting strips of newspaper green, cut pieces of plastic to create a tomato, and dried glue to make the dressing. This salad is representative of when I got in a fight with a kid at sailing and he threw his salad all over my face, so this was a big event for me. It was also a sensory experience because I could feel and smell all of the dressing all over me.

photo 1



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