5 x 5 Final Exam Vlog

Here is my final exam Vlog. I was trying to make it a little bit interesting by holding up pieces of paper as signs to hold up, but when I originally made them, they showed up backwards in the video. So then I had to redo everything and write down each section backwards on the papers.


Language as a WOK- IA #1

Here is my outline for my presentation:


Here is my planning document:

TOK Presentation Planning Document

Here are my notes for my presentation based off of my outline:

TOK IA notes

Here is the Prezi I made as my IA presentation:



#Ayuh#Aloha Remash

This is my remashed visual poem and words poems combined. My 3×3 visual poem is in the background and my actual poem to go along with the pictures is aligned on the left. The words aligned on the right are the poem stanzas from the person that interpreted my poem.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.16.25 PM