Reflection on Emotion, Music, Memory

In the clips of the movie, Equilibrium, I thought it was interesting that in order to create a “utopian” society, the leaders in the world wanted to dispose of emotion in particular. The discarding of emotion was definitely a good choice for the movie’s plot, but realistically I do not think many people would actually want to rid the world of emotion for a “better” society. I understand that emotion was suppressed in order to stop war and conflict, but there are also so many benefits to emotion that make society better. It is true that there are definitely some bad emotions, however, affection, happiness, excitement, love are beneficial emotions. Without emotion, how are people supposed to truly care for each other? In Equilibrium, since there was no emotion, that meant Christian Bale’s character had no feelings for his wife or his children until he would stop taking his injections. And, more importantly, how did he even come to have a spouse and children if he supposedly had no emotion? It is obvious that the lack of emotion in the society turned the hopeful utopia into a dystopia in this movie. Emotion is an important part of us as humans and as a society and that it should not be thrown away.

I learned a lot about music through reading the ABC article. I’m not really much of a music person; I’m not an amazing singer or musician (but I did take piano in elementary school), or someone who knows all about every band and every genre. I thought it was interesting how Charles Darwin acknowledged music in a way that related to the effect of birdsong and peacock feathers. I agree that music can probably set the mood for “sexual selection” but music is not going to make someone choose one person over another. In the Thrills and Chills section of the article, I was surprised that getting these chills from music was such a big phenomenon. I don’t think I have ever obtained these “chills” just from listening to music. The article said it is more common in women who are imaginative and curious. However, I think I am imaginative and curious, but this occurrence has never happened to me. The Does Music Make You Smarter section reminded me of The Incredibles movie where the babysitter is trying to have Jack Jack listen to Mozart to make him smart and calm him down, but it actually causes him to turn into a fire person. The Music and Animals section also interested me because it reminded me of my pet cat. When my cat is inside the house and my dad starts playing Bob Dylan, the cat immediately starts getting irritated and claws at the screen door yearning to be let out. Another aspect I found interesting was that listening to music before a test helped cognitive abilities. I never listen to music before or during the time I study or take a test because I always get distracted and get an “earworm.”

For me, I feel that music does not ignite a certain memory that is an event. Certain songs usually remind me of specific people or time periods associated with those people. I also feel like I need some sort of action or visual representation of the song for me to remember it vividly as if it is something important. For example, I will explicitly remember a song from a movie or a song that I danced to wildly. Memory, music, and emotion are all interconnected because musicĀ brings about memories that are full of emotion. In my life, music brings about memories that are usually associated with happiness. My personal relationship between music and memory is shown through the playlist of my life.